CYCOP launches a new integrated tool: BiTool to ease your daily life

BiTool is a smart and compact ratchet tool with magnet for convenient assembling and easy operating. Moreover, it is integrated with multiple bits for everyday use.

CYCOP is a new urban & lifestyle brand that is debut in 2015. Currently, CYCOP launches a new campaign for their first product called BiTool in Kickstarter. BiTool is a light and portable tool with multiple tool bits designed for your daily use. Whether you are a DIY maker or all thumbs for tool usage, BiTool is able to help you loose the bolts, tighten the screws, and make something repaired in an easier and effortless way that other tools can’t.

BiTool is built from the ground up to: Save your time and money, make your life easier, and keep you looking good and stylish while assembling & tightening.

As you may be asking what sets this product apart from their previous products, it can be broken down into 6 characteristics as follows:

All in One, One for All: BiTool includes 5 compact bits set and 10 combo bits set that fit most of your daily usage. In short, with BiTool, You can throw a bunch of tools or toolbox away.

Easy to carry: BiTool is with merely 100 grams in weight, you can hold it easily with its compact size. You can put it in your pocket, backpack, pencil case and make-up case without any difficulty.

Magnetic Mechanism: Are you tired of looking for a suitable tool that mention in your assembling manual?  All bits of BiTool are with clear marking on side of the body so you can choose easily and promptly. Moreover, integrated magnet is able to help you to arrange all bits in order and take the bit you want instantly by choosing the specific bit immediately without messing up other bits.

Magnetic Ratchet Head: BiTool combines with the magnet inside of ratchet to help you to replace bit effortlessly.

180 degree of operation: The ratchet head can rotate in 180 degrees and adapt to operate in any kind of working environment even inside of a tiny space. This means you can use BiTool not only like a screwdriver but also as a ratchet wrench.

Rapid bits replacement & Smart Screws Collection:  When using BiTool, you can switch bits without hesitation by attaching another one on the body with magnetic force to have quicker operation.

Furthermore, everyone should have an experience when tightening a screw with other screws slipped away from your hands. When you need to fasten over one screw, you can simply attach the other screws on BiTool’s body to prevent them from scattering on the ground.  If screws do scatter on the ground accidentally, you can also easily collect them up with magnet inside of the barrel.

Meet the CYCOP

CYCOP is an urban lifestyle brand focusing on creating elegant city transportations, accessories & tools for urban dwellers. Our vision is to create the ultimate design, to inspire everybody in each moment and experience from our urban life, even travelling. We believe that great design will bring you a unique journey, no matter in urban life or country life, CYCOP collection will tell many unique stories for you.

Our head quarter is in San Jose, USA, but our team members are composed from USA, Asia, and even Europe. In this way, we are able to ensure what we create is able to cater most people’s needs and enhance daily life experience since we are all urban dwellers and would like to share a vision about urban lifestyle and how it can be applied to the modern city.

Expected of our design team in USA, we have another development & production team based in Taiwan and China, combining the precision manufacturing and with a completed industry channel. We love to insert more soul and craftsmanship to CYCOP, due to we are keen target users and we all really care about each journey everyone owns.

If you have any questions or love to know us more, please feel free to send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

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