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The ULTImate Backpack for Work & Play

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The World’s Best Everyday Backpack.
Versatile, Durable & Transformable to Cope with Any Challenge!
— CYCOP Team


3 independent & combinable compartmentsfor you to organize everything effortlessly

  • The Pro Layer: This inner compartment provides 15" laptop and 10" tablet sleeves with well-protected soft shells for you to carry your electronic devices.
  • The CORE layer: The middle compartment is designed for everyday use, with well-organized pockets and our unique Whisper Closure, You can carry all kind of your private belongings.
  • The EXO Layer: On the outside comes the top compartment, which provides incredible expandable space for you to carry any kind of stuff you want. Even you intend to carry for 2~3 days luggage 


We've created a 3D transformable structure to make it possible to change DayPac’s volume from 20L to 36L.

Wanna have a short trip? DayPac's expandable and adjustable layers provide you insanely expandable spaces to pack all of your belongings. Say bye-bye to your briefcases and start to carry DayPac, then enjoy your trip from now on. 

  • Whisper Material Technology: With the combination of the Whisper Closure and Whisper Pods, you can always keep heavier items at the higher position inside of DayPac, to acquire a more comfortable packing experience.


DayPac could be opened in various angles from 30 degrees to a lie-flat status.

No matter where you are, simply open your DayPac and you can reach all your stuffs immediately. Simply open it in 180 degrees, and lay it out flat on the conveyor, and watch your laptop go through the x-ray machine without any mess and inconvenience.