What is Nómada Bag?

The CYCOP Nómada is a smart, stylish and adaptable carryon-size 3 way bag designed for busy professionals, jet setters, digital nomad, travellers, and adventurers. It's more than a carryon bag, it's your day-to-day essential carry workhorse, and it does things other carryon bags can't. Nómada is not only convertible into 3 different styles to meet your different needs, but its killer feature is for you to utilize your bag space & layout freely. That means you can always create the most suitable bag and find the best arrangement to meet your using style and cope with different kinds of situation.

A perfect 3-way bag for you to pack, carry & use easily and helps you stay with styles & professional during work. It's also a carry-on – that will make you throw all the others away. For example: Nómada could be a briefcase style that fits everything you need: up to 17” laptop, Pad, personal gadgets, books cables, and everything you need for your daily work.

Moreover, It can also convert into a backpack style when you are tired of holding a bag when traveling & commuting; you can convert it anytime, anywhere, and any mood. We know you also travel and explore our world a lot. Nómada can easily loaded your luggage and converted into a carry-on, it meets all the size requirements for any flight in the world, The luggage style compartment can fit enough for a day or two of supplies and we also develop specific parts to help to travel & pack more efficiently.

We are the first bag maker that introduced this function, and you will be the first to enjoy this bag.



It will adapt to all your gadget, gear and lifestyle.

  • Modularized & Versatile Compartment
  • Lie-Flat Packing Arrangement
  • Carry-On Size / Airline Luggage
  • Non-Hassie Object Accessibility / Surrounded Zipper
  • Best Center of Gravity Transformation