Whisper Pods ( 1 Mini & 1 Std. )

Whisper Pods ( 1 Mini & 1 Std. )


Perfect for Keeping Your Gear in Its Place

Find your way to organize. The fabric of Whisper Pod has adhering function that prevent it from sliding around. This promotes easier packing and unpacking. 

  • Beyond Velcro, ultra quiet

  • Organize gear freely

  • Soft but tightening

  • Effortless to operate

  • Mesh Pocket & hanger hook

  • Cord arrange with elastic band

Whisper Pods Pack Includes

  • Whisper Pod - Mini *1 (Black)

  • Whisper Pod - Standard *1 (Black)

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Incredible Whisper Pod Pack

See how magical Whisper Pod could stable inside of luggage.

Whisper Pod Material Test