DaySling Travel Pack

DaySling Travel Pack


Easy Access, Ultra Quiet, and Expandable Travel Pack

DaySling is designed to go with you everywhere, being perfectly at home or on the trail, commute or even in a meeting. Ease to expanding from 6L to 13L. Beyond Velcro, quiet resides. No more noisy sound & itchy velcro. 

  • Easy access

  • Enjoy the quiet moment

  • Expandable from 6 L to 13L

  • Whisper Pod Optimization

  • Rotate Access

  • Weatherproof material

Find your way to organize. The fabric of Whisper Pod has adhering function that prevent it from sliding around. This promotes easier packing and unpacking. 

  • Beyond Velcro, ultra quiet

  • Organize gear freely

  • Soft but tightening

  • Effortless to operate

  • Mesh Pocket & hanger hook

  • Cord arrange with elastic band

Travel Pack Includes

  • DaySling *1 (Volcanic Black/ Space Grey)

  • Whisper Pod - Mini *1 (Black)

  • Whisper Pod - Standard *1 (Black)

  • Carry Bag *1 (Black)

(Note: DaySling in Volcanic Black is the pre-order item. The estimated delivery date is around the end of May.)

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KICKSTARTER Campaign - Successfull Funded 2016 !

DaySling is a classic reborn and ready to be worn for another quarter century. Let's take a look of the sneak peak of DaySling & Whisper Pod.

What is the max. carries of DaySling? No matter you are a person like to carry everything you may need, or a person like to go light & fast everyday. DaySling will always suit with your daily carry style. Don't need two different size bags......ONLY DaySling!