Easy Access, Ultra Quiet, and Expandable Day Pack

DaySling is designed to go with you everywhere, being perfectly at home or on the trail, commute or even in a meeting. Ease to expanding from 6L to 13L. Beyond Velcro, quiet resides. No more noisy sound & itchy velcro. 

  • Easy access

  • Enjoy the quiet moment

  • Expandable from 6 L to 13L

  • Whisper Pod Optimization

  • Rotate Access

  • Weatherproof material

Item Includes

  • DaySling *1 (Volcanic Black/ Space Grey)

(Note: Volcanic Black is the pre-order item. The estimated delivery date is around the end of May.)

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KICKSTARTER Campaign - Successfull Funded 2016 !

DaySling is a classic reborn and ready to be worn for another quarter century. Let's take a look of the sneak peak of DaySling & Whisper Pod.

What is the max. carries of DaySling? No matter you are a person like to carry everything you may need, or a person like to go light & fast everyday. DaySling will always suit with your daily carry style. Don't need two different size bags......ONLY DaySling!