DaySling - Easy Access, Ultra Quiet, and Expandable Day Pack

For the fearless, the goers, the doers. Embrace spontaneity.

Of the things we want to take on a day trip, bulk is not one of them.DaySling has your back, enabling you to compress or expand your pack as needed, keeping your valuables protected & the essentials at your fingertips. Your daily go-to pack - Welcome Fast, Easy, and Quiet

- Expandable from 6L to 13L
- Full Internal Access without Removal
- Weather-Proof Material
- Whisper Quiet Fabric Closures
- Custom, Full-Metal Components

The DaySling Bag - Successful Funded on Kickstarter!  A perfect sling for your daily life & travel days.


URBAN & Adventure DaySling

DaySling is designed to go with you everywhere, being perfectly at home or on the trail, commute or even in a meeting. Ease to expanding from 6L to 13L. Beyond Velcro, quiet resides. No more noisy sound & itchy velcro.